Pete Martinez

Genuine Country Music

May 20, 1961 – December 10, 2017

Casper native Pete Martinez passed from this life on Sunday, December 10th, at his winter home in Hockley, Texas.

Pete loved his home state of Wyoming. When strangers saw him in his signature black cowboy hat they usually asked if he was from Texas, Pete always replied: “I’m from Wyoming, where Texans wished they were from.”

Passionate about music, family and friends, Pete focused on making a difference first to his family, then his community and then the world. His work in developing water resources in the West had an impact on numerous communities and his efforts to protect our country’s critical infrastructure will continue to live on.

Pete is mourned by his wife Bonnie Martinez, his mother Isabel, brother Anthony and wife Jolene, sister Sandra Dickson and husband Dustin, and his son Ryan, wife Becky and grandchildren Liam and Jadyn.

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