Pete Martinez

Genuine Country Music

Fan Feedback

Hadley Barrett, Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame Announcer

"As a pro rodeo announcer, I work with many country entertainers and I find it interesting that no matter how well they sing, some just fail to connect with their audience. This is why I would like to speak on behalf of my friend, Pete Martinez. Pete is not only a good singer and songwriter, but he is a good guy and it shows the minute he walks on a stage or in the arena. He doesn't need any special props or lights, and he is just as comfortable with his guitar as he is with a full band. Pete has that ‘I am your friend’ air about him and it is real. Go see him work, and you will know what I mean. Pete is the real deal and he will continue to go far."

Scott Angelus Slattery, Sound Engineer (Poulton le Fylde, England)

“I've worked with a lot of country artists, but Pete was the best by far as he brought something different to the stage. I've seen artists who appear to stay within a certain comfort zone.  They don't have that connection with an audience and they rely too much on their band and performance. What I saw with Pete was that he was connected with the audience from start to finish. It was just him and a guitar, but he had that aura that caught people’s attention.”

Sylvie Laillier, Normandy, France:

“My family met Pete on July 11th in Omaha Beach/Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer and we were touched by his song ‘We Thank You.’ We live in Omaha Beach, and ‘D Day’ is the history of my family. My grandparents were here on June 6, 1944, and we have had a strong friendship with an American family since that day.  We also love America, and this song represents so many things for us. I can tell you that we now sing it all the time at home and in the car. We thank you, Mr. Martinez!”