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Cowboy’s Dream is Realized Half a World Away from Wyoming

Dec 12, 2013 By By Nancy Clark

The 300-plus who gathered in the tent on a cool summer eve swayed and clapped to the beat of the singer’s brand of Country music. They weren’t what you’d call a tough crowd, but they knew how to spot a phony. They appreciated traditional-leaning Country music and don’t care much for pretenders. Pete Martinez didn’t disappoint.

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Sep 11, 2013 By Heather McWilliams

Writer for Mountain Homes 4 Horses

The beautiful song you hear throughout the Horse Sense Documentary is called, THE HORSE and was written and recorded by Evergreen resident and Nashville recording artist, Pete Martinez.

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Cowboy Crooner to Serenade Sweden

Jun 25, 2013 By Nancy Clark

Nashville recording artist Pete Martinez announced today that he will be touring Sweden from late June through July 19, performing his “cowboy music” for audiences at venues in Stockholm and other locations across the country.

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